Dermalux LED Facial Rejuvenation


Powerful. Proven.

Award winning LED Phototherapy with the power to transform

Dermalux® LED Phototherapy

Dermalux® LED Phototherapy

Dermalux® delivers skin specific treatments using combinations of clinically proven Blue, Red and Near Infrared wavelengths to boost collagen and elastin production, improve circulation, reduce redness and irritation and blitz blemish causing bacteria.

Utilising the latest generation LED technology, Dermalux® ensures a safe and targeted delivery of light at the optimum intensity for maximum skin enhancing results.

Dermalux® is heat free, chemical free and does not harm the skin. It has an excellent safety profile and is beneficial for all skin types without downtime.

Start from 10 mins / £30

Clinically Proven Wavelengths

Dermalux® Blue Light


Anti-bacterial action Treats spots without irritation Improves skin clarity Calming effect for problem skin

Dermalux® Red Light


Boosts collagen and elastin production reduces fine lines and wrinkles increases hydration evens skin tone and texture revitalises and restores radiance

Dermalux® Near Infrared Light


Advanced skin rejuvenation benefits calms redness and irritation reduces age spots and pigmentation restores skin health ideal for the most sensitive skins

Dermalux® Tri-Wave Therapy

For enhanced and accelerated results, Dermalux® Tri-Wave therapy uniquely delivers simultaneous wavelength treatments which are tailored to your skin condition.