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OBSERV®520x -The Innovative Skin Analysis System

OBSERV®520x is an innovative skin analysis system and the latest powerful tool. This system enables accurate, clear and instant visual proof of the starting point, analyses the skin condition from the surface layer and skin health insights.

OBSERV®520x with the visible information from both appearance and skin analysis will enable our professionals to provide targeted, result-orientated skin improving and rejuvenating treatment plans for you. Results of aesthetic treatments can be subtle and individual results may vary. By photo documenting the data, we are able to track and visualise your deep layer skin’simprovements at each visit.

OBSERV®520x comes packed full features:

8 lighting modes
5 facial positions
5 comparison modes
Electronic facial positioning system (FPS)
Integrated reporting package

This laser amazing technology is available at our clinic – London Skin Wellness House. We offer Free Skin Consultation + OBSERV®520x Skin Analysis.

Observe Skin Analysis women consultant
OBSERV The Innovative Skin Analysis System