This ultra-hydrating facial exclusive to London Skin Wellness, Your journey to healthy skin starts here!

Restore your natural glow with our Essential Restoring Facial:

A deluxe combination of enzyme peel, oxygen facial, LED rejuvenation and detoxing acupressure points facial massage.

55mins £150

What are the benefits?

Essential Restoring Facial
  • Your skin will look plumper and more supple
  • Your skin will look less dull and more healthy
  • Improve your skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Helps balance the oils in your skin, as dehydrated skin can also be oily too
  • Acne is less aggravated
  • It improves your skin defences – your skin is less itchy and irritated
  • improves your detox functions and healing rates within your skin