Exilis Ultra 360

Exilis Ultra 360 PIC Body Parts Face EN100 2, exilis ultra 360 treatment

Skin Tightening Treatment

BTL Exilis System Before & After - Skin Tightening Treatment

A non-invasive approach to treating both skin tightening and body sculpting on the whole body from head to toe. The only FDA cleared simultaneous combination of Ultrasound and Monopolar Radiofrequency energy, we can safely and precisely target and offer:

Skin Tightening
Face contouring
Facial Rejuvenation
By stimulating fibroblasts, we can create new collagen and elastin fibres within the skin. This will help remodel, contour and tighten the skin. Resulting in your skin looking thicker, more plump, defined and a more youthful appearance. Wrinkles will be reduced and your skin will be lifted and toned.
Body Shaping
Fat Reduction / Lipolysis
BTL Exilis System Before & After - Skin Tightening Treatment

Skin laxity caused by loss of connective tissue in the body can result in dimpled skin AKA cellulite. Approximately 85 – 95% of women suffer from cellulite. The radio frequency energy disrupts old connective tissue fibres and initiates the process of new fibres to form. This helps reduce the appearance of cellulite and leads to visible improvement in the skin.

The Exilis Ultra 360 volumetric heating accumulates in the fatty layer composed of adipocytes AKA fat cells. This stimulates fat lipolysis (fat cells breaking down) and ends in apoptosis (controlled fat cell death). The residue is then passed through the lymphatic system. This is how we can safely reduce fat cells around the body, no matter your BMI.

Exilis Ultra 360 Benefits


Restores sagging skin
Prevents aging skin
Reduces cellulite
Reduces stubborn fat
Improves skin laxity
Suitable for all skin types
Works on body & face
Exilis Ultra 360 Skin Tightening Treatment Machiene

Exilis Ultra 360 Treatment Price

Lower Face & Neck Lift
Single 85 mins / £250 – Courses available with a special discount
Perioral (Lips) / Decolletage
Single 25 mins / £100 – Courses available with a special discount
Full Face & Neck lift
Single 105 mins / £400 – Courses available with a special discount
Double Chin Treatment
Single 55 mins / £200 – Courses available with a special discount

Body Areas – Skin Tightening & Fat Reduction / Cellulite & Fat Reduction

Arms Back Front Thighs / Legs
Upper Arms Upper back Abdomen Banana Rolls
Hands Flanks Saddle Bags
Love Handles Front of Thigh
Buttocks Knees
1 Area £250 – Courses available with a special discount.
2 Areas £375 – Courses available with a special discount.
3 Areas £500 – Courses available with a special discount.
Exilis Ultra 360 PIC Body parts EN100 Exilis Ultra 360 Treatment

How it works

Exilis skin tightening & body contouring works over 4 to 6 sessions. It firms and tightens loose skin on the face and neck and reduces fat, cellulite and contours the body using focused, monopolar Radio Frequency. Exilis delivers heat into the deeper layers of the skin, triggering the production of new collagen and elastin, which are the key components of tighter, younger-looking skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Exilis Ultra 360 system?

The EXILIS ULTRA 360 SYSTEM represents a wide range of non-invasive procedures treating both skin, cellulite and fat on the whole body – from head to toe.

How can patients benefit from the Procedure?

The EXILIS ULTRA 360 SYSTEM helps our patients achieve more defined body areas, by reducing the fat bulges and smoother and tighter skin by affecting the skin collagen. When applied to the face the EXILIS ULTRA 360 SYSTEM gives our patients a more youthful appearance by reducing the wrinkles, lifting and tightening the skin.

Who is the right Candidate?

The EXILIS ULTRA 360 SYSTEM treatment is ideal for any adult patient looking for cosmetic improvement on their face and body.

Is the procedure safe?

The EXILIS ULTRA 360 SYSTEM meets strict safety standards. The embedded Energy Flow Control system ensures that the exact amount of energy is delivered during the treatment. The integrated cooling allows your provider to target heat to proper skin depth to achieve the best results, while maintaining patient comfort.

How many treatments do i need?

Your EXILIS ULTRA 360 SYSTEM providers will tailor the best treatment plan based on your individual needs. Most patients undergo between 4 to 6 treatments scheduled on a weekly basis. Each laser treatment of a specific body part usually takes between 15 to 30 minutes. This can vary depending on the treated area, treated indication, and other factors.

What does the treatment feel like? Is it painful?

No, the treatment should not be painful. The EXILIS ULTRA 360 SYSTEM provides the most advanced non-surgical solution, treating your face and body parts safely, efficiently, and without pain. Most patients describe the sensation of the therapy as being comparable to that of a hot stone massage. The treatment is performed in a lying position so you can easily relax during the procedure.

Are there any side effects?

The whole EXILIS ULTRA 360 SYSTEM procedure is non-invasive and requires no recovery time. You can easily have the treatment during your lunch break and return to your daily activities immediately.

How fast will i see results?

This very much depends on the treated area, its condition and other factors. You may see visible improvements after a single session. Results will typically improve over a 3-month follow up period trusted laser clinic.

Will i need to change my lifestyle or follow a defined diet?

You will not be required to exercise or alter your dietary habits. However, the treatment results can give you a head start to a better-looking body. Many patients feel motivated to take care of themselves better when the procedure is over.

What sets Ultra Exilis 360 system apart?

Many years of research and development have enabled the system to deliver the only device of its kind that simultaneously applies the two very popular energies: radiofrequency and ultrasound. The combination ensures high patient satisfaction and comfort. Thanks to its built-in cooling, the ULTRA EXILIS 360 SYSTEM offers a comfortable and safe therapy, able to precisely and efficiently target the desired tissue.