Dermalux LED Facial Rejuvenation:

25mins £40 / 40mins £60 / 10mins (Add-On) £20

Transform your skin with Dermalux LED phototherapy, this multi award winning, leading non-invasive treatment that harnesses the power of pure light for visibly radiant, rejuvenated and refined skin. After just one treatment, Dermalux instantly revitalises the complexion to restore luminosity. A course of treatment offers long lasting visible results, stimulating the skin’s natural repair processes to speed up cell renewal, resolve problem skin conditions and promote vibrant healthy-looking skin. Clinically proven for spot and blemish prone skin, treats hyperpigmentation, rosacea, sensitive skin. Treats without trauma, heat, chemical and surgery free. No known side effects, no pain and no downtime. Safe and effective for all skin types, including tanned skin.

Oxygen Facial:

55 mins £95 / 70mins £120

Europe’s Number 1 celebrity facial. Oxygen Facials are incredibly popular and are considered one of the most effective facials currently available. Oxyjet is the ultimate oxygenating treatment to revive face, décolleté and hands. The treatment uses a combination of exfoliation, oxygen and vitamins to help regenerate the skin whilst improving circulation. It is excellent for treating scar tissue, wrinkles and pigmentation problems and will unlock a new lease of life in your skin. Using medical oxygen, The Elixir of Life, this energy is necessary to maintain the cells and for them to be able to perform their specific tasks within the body. Which in turn makes our skin plump and youthful smooth.

Oxy-Diamond Microdermabrasion:

40mins £70

The oxygen diamond microdermabrasion can be considered curative, a weekly regime for the treatment of impure skin, pigment irregularities or atrophic skin. It can also be offered to achieve an instant smoothing and cleansing effect. Together with an appropriate ampoule for each skin type, an oxygen infusion is carried out at the same time as the dermabrasion on the skin.

Express Refresher Facial:

25mins £45

This pick me up treatment is ideal for the people on the go. Your skin will be cleansed, light oxygen exfoliation to encourage the regeneration of new skin cells. A Vit C mask will be applied, and gently massage your face to increase the flow of oxygen.

Eye Zone Sooth & Smooth:

25mins £45

This treatment helps increase blood circulation to the eyes, reduce puffy eyes and dark circles and relaxes the muscles around your eyes. It also stimulates the tear glands, preventing dry eyes and relieve eye tiredness and strain.