The number of treatment sessions required varies from patient to patient, the number and timing of these treatments will be determined by your provider.

The duration of each session varies from person to person, but on average they last about 20-30 minutes.

The Gentle Pro Series lasers have a unique, integral skin cooling system, so most patients find Gentle Pro Series treatments extremely tolerable. Some people experience a sensation similar to having an elastic band snapped against the skin during treatment.

After the treatment, a cool compress or gel pack may be applied. If you do have any redness or swelling after treatment, this should resolve in a couple of hours. Permanent side effects are rare but should be discussed with your provider.

You will be able to resume normal activities after each session, but you may be given specific advice, such as avoiding sun or abrasive skin cleansers on treated skin for a few days.You should always follow specific instructions from your healthcare provider.