HydraFacialis multi-awarded, FDA approved and CE marked medical-grade facial and is world-wide one of most popular treatment.  This “Six Facials in One” treatment uses patented technology to cleanse, extract and hydrate skin with a relaxing and effective experience, enjoyed by many celebrities, and suitable for all skin types and ages.

Whether you have dry skin, oily skin or combination skin, the HydraFacial will improve the look and health of your complexion by personalising with addition of Boosters or use of different tips to make the treatment specific to your needs.

There is no pain, it is suitable for any skin colour, results are instantly visible, and you can return straight back to normal activities or go to a special event as there is no downtime.

HydraFacial addresses all skincare needs such as:

  • Fine lines + wrinkles
  • Elasticity + firmness
  • Even tone + vibrancy
  • Skin texture
  • Acne and acne scarring
  • Brown spots and pigmentation
  • Oily and congested skin
  • Blackheads and enlarged pores etc.
HydraFacial Perk Eye or Lip 25mins or Add on £40
HydraFacial Express 25min £85
Skin Health for Life (Face and Neck) 55min £150
HydraFacial Back Treatment (Upper or Lower Back) 55mins £200
HydraFacial Booster 55mins £180
  • Deep Lines and Wrinkles (DermaBuilder Peptide Complex)
  • Acne/Acne Scarring (GlySal Acid Peel)
  • Pigmentation (Britenol Intensive Spot Corrector)
  • Skin Perfecting Serum for General Anti-Aging (Regen Growth Factor)