HydraOxygen Facial

Essential Restoring HydraOxygen Facial

This ultra-hydrating facial is exclusive to London Skin Wellness House.

Your journey to healthy skin starts here!

Get rid of bumps, uneven skin tone and dry patches, without stripping away natural oils and moisture from the skin and restore your natural glow with our HydraOxygen Facial.

A deluxe combination of enzyme peel, oxygen therapy, LED rejuvenation and detoxing acupressure points facial massage.

70 mins £200

Essential Restoring Facial Benefits

What are the benefits of restoring facials?


Your skin will look plumper and more supple


Your skin will look less dull and more healthy


Improve your skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of wrinkles


Helps balance the oils in your skin, as dehydrated skin can also be oily too


Acne is less aggravated


It improves your skin defences – your skin is less itchy and irritated


improves your detox functions and healing rates within your skin

HydraOxygen Restoring Facial